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Width and Length Measuring System


Measuring length and width of products in a high accuracy is a major playing role in modern industry. For example in textile industry it is needed to measure fabric roll length and width before passing them to production. If these are measured by hand it will be a huge labor cost. And also it is very time consuming operation which takes hours to complete the measuring of full fabric roll length and width. Using our vision based width and length measuring system it is possible to measure width and length of fabric roll while it is moving. And there are other features that are only come along with this software.


  • Automatic measuring
  • Customized for different types of garments
  • Customized measuring points
  • Customized report generation
  • Measuring within 2 sec after laying
  • Operator friendly, improves productivity, reduces labor. 

Currently we offer fabric inspection machines which are used as a testing machine to detect the defects in a fabric. And the same time this can be adjust to any given garment for the different aspects of measuring requirements.

Main GUI of the System

Left top corner indicates measurements of length and width of the fabric roll. You can change the parameters of the measurements according to your desire.

1. Can be easily log on with user name and password
In here you can also add new users to the system

2. This is the main GUI of the software

3. Can sort the saved roll data using various parameters and generate reports for roll data

4. Camera calibration through the software

5. Sorting the whole database by parameters

6. Can get the details of
  • Individual roll from the data base.
  • Delete loaded roll data from database.
  • Generate report for loaded roll detail.
  • Save back the loaded roll data to the database.

7. Sample reports (Can be customized according to user’s requirements)

     i. Sample report 1


ii. Sample report2


 iii. Sample report 3 


Along the roll and along the widths are measured using high-end cameras and advanced image processing algorithms. This system can be used to,

1. Camera based Fabric width and length measurements,

2. Usable Width calculations.

3. Eliminate the human errors and differences in perception from individual to individual

4. Generation of minimum width, 98% width and optimum area values for better fabric utilization.

5. The software with minimum operator interaction and customized report generation makes sure of smooth operation. The system can be accessed through network and the management can use its summary reports for cutting optimization and cost analysis.

6. Operator friendly, improves productivity, reduces labor.


Minimum Requirements

· Pentium Duel core or higher processor( i3 or i5 preferred)

· One (or more than one is better) USB 2.0 port

· One USB 3.0 port ( or more than one is better)

· One RS 232 serial port,

· 2 GB RAM

· PS2 keyboard and mouse

· 15'' or higher LCD display

· Required operating system: windows 7 or windows 8.1

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