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About Hitech Solutions Machine Vision

Nowadays visual inspection of quality of products in production lines has become very important. To compete with other competitors in the market the quality of the product must be properly maintained. In order to do that the visual inspection of products in production line must be very accurate and less time consuming process. Machine Vision inspection plays an important role in achieving nearly 100% quality control in manufacturing, reducing costs and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Taking Measurements of Products
checking dimensional accuracy on parts against geometrical tolerances defined by customer.
Positioning of Robot Paths
Guiding industrial robots or aligning tools for inspection. Currently we have developed vision based line following system for our existing product AGV-Automated Guided Vehicle.
Error Checking
Detecting discoloration, scratches, cracks on product surfaces. Currently we are developing vision based system that can detect various fabric defects with high accuracy
Reading and verifying codes printed on product surfaces.
01. Number Plate Recognition
02. Barcode Recognition
03. Checking codes printed on labels attached to the products
Counting ,Position/Angle Detection
counting objects on a conveyor and generating reports with customer defined parameters , measure the positions and angles of products in production lines

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